Aindreas: The Messenger, Louisville, Kentucky 1855: Aindreas Rivers Saga

Aindreas: The Messenger, Louisville, Kentucky 1855 (Aindreas Rivers Saga)McDaniel sets an ambitious pace in the arena of historical fiction with this first volume of a projected four-book series following the colorful and curious life of Aindreas Rivers. The little guy who gets jostled and pushed around by great events as he struggles to survive, Aindreas is a heroic underdog, with a generous heart. A 13-year-old Irish-Catholic boy living in gaudy and grubby Louisville, Ky., in 1855, a city where being Irish, Catholic, German or black usually means trouble. Aindreas is a messenger for a furniture manufacturer. Inquisitive and alert, he learns much and meets the high and lowbrows of city society, but he especially likes to hang around on the river front watching the steamboats on the mighty Ohio River. Described with homespun simplicity, Aindreas’s life is filled with wonder, uncertainty, responsibility and fear; he works hard to help support his impoverished family as his mother slowly dies from cancer. To make matters worse, the River! s are about to be

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