Integration or Separation?: A Strategy for Racial Equality

Integration or Separation?: A Strategy for Racial Equality Integrated in principle, segregated in fact: is this the legacy of fifty years of “progress” in American racial policy?

Is there hope for much better? Roy L. Brooks, a distinguished professor of law and a writer on matters of race and civil rights, says with frank clarity what few will admit–integration hasn’t worked and possibly never will. Equally, he casts doubt on the solution that many African-Americans and mainstream whites have advocated: total separation of the races.

This book presents Brooks’s strategy for a middle way between the increasingly unworkable extremes of integration and separation. Limited separation, the approach Brooks proposes, shifts the focus of civil rights policy from the group to the individual. Defined as cultural and economic integration within African-American society, this policy would promote separate schooling, housing, and business enterprises where needed to bolster the self-sufficiency of the community, without trammeling the racial interests o

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