Louisville Remembered

Louisville Remembered (American Chronicles)Explore the people, places and events that shaped the city of Louisville over the centuries and molded it into a place truly worth remembering. Peer into Louisville’s history and see a city brimming with homespun industry, thriving theatre and one-cent chocolate bars.

From ‘top-secret’ World War II aircrafts to pipe organs, from ice cream to thunderous fireworks, author Gary Falk of the Louisville Historical League provides a fascinating look at the city’s past through a collection of articles and more than one hundred stunning historic images.

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Bourbon Whiskey Our Native Spirit: Sour Mash and Sweet AdventuresTravel the Whiskey Trail and around the country with whiskey professor Bernie Lubbers as he reveals the history and process of making and selling America’s native spirit.

Sharing his homespun Kentucky wisdom and outrageous whiskey adventures Bernie engages the reader with humorous tales throughout the book. But, Bourbon Whiskey our Native Spirit isn’t all fun and games.

The Whiskey Professor enlightens with a rock solid history of the spirit, the industry and its legends.

Readers will also be delighted with bourbon and whiskey recipes for drinks and food contributed by bars and restaurants along the Whiskey Trail and the professors own family archives.

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