Louisville’s Historic Black Neighborhoods

Louisville's Historic Black Neighborhoods (Images of America (Arcadia Publishing))After the American Civil War, many African Americans found a new life in River Town.

Louisville became a historic marker for freed men and women of color who bought acres of land or leased shotgun cottages and lots from whites to begin their new emancipated life.

Smoketown is the only neighborhood in the city of Louisville with such continuous presence. By 1866, Smoketown was settled by these freemen, and by 1871 the first public building, the Eastern Colored School, was erected. By the 1950 census, 10,653 people lived in Smoketown, and other historic black neighborhoodssuch as Petersburg/Newburg, Parkland, California, Russell, Berrytown, Griffytown, and Black Hill in Old Louisvillewere thriving.

As these new neighborhoods sprang up, another historic event was taking place: in 1875, the first Kentucky Derby convened, and 13 of the 15 jockeys were black.

Such astounding history embraces this city, and Images of America: Louisvilles Historic Black Neighborhoods relives its magnificent

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