Perryville Under Fire: The Aftermath of Kentucky’s Largest Civil War Battle

Perryville Under Fire: The Aftermath of Kentucky's Largest Civil War Battle (The History Press) (KY)The Battle of Perryville laid waste to more than just soldiers and their supplies. The commonwealth’s largest combat engagement also took an immense toll on the community of Perryville and citizens in surrounding towns. After Confederates achieved a tactical victory, they were nonetheless forced to leave the area. With more than 7,500 casualties, the remaining Union soldiers were unprepared for the enormous tasks of burying the dead, caring for the wounded and rebuilding infrastructure. Instead, this arduous duty fell to the brave and battered locals. Stuart Sanders, former executive director of the Perryville Battlefield Preservation Association, presents the first in-depth look at how the resilient residents dealt with the chaos of this bloody battle and how they rebuilt their town from the rubble left over.

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